The objective is to revive your ability to see beyond the ordinary. I want to trigger your imagination and reawaken your spirit so that you remember how to become more present and open to new possibilities.
This is something I believe we are all born with, but forget as we age.


Each piece begins with a photograph, always inspired by nature and mostly of a tree trunk. The image is then cropped to show only a small section of the bark, thereby removing points of visual reference and making the observer wonder, look deeper and find inspiration.

A layer of metal leaf is then applied. The gilding mimics what is already on the bark. Either part of the structure or the lichen is covered and sometimes mirrored.
This positioning is not predetermined. The pattern evolves as the flow of the gilding progresses, almost as if the bark is directing the pattern and determining what it wants to reveal, thus bringing attention to the secondary life, structure and landscape that exists, which may not at first be apparent.
Though not visible, small sections of the metal leaf are left unvarnished so they can continue to oxidise and change colour.
This process take place very slowly, but the fact that there exists the possibility of ongoing change makes the work organic.
Thus the piece is now no longer just a photograph but a visual representation of our multilayered world, where there is ‘more than the eye can see’

You can see more about the artistic process on my Instagram.